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Easiest way to add subtitles to a video

Posted on February 2, 2011 at 7:00 AM

Ever wonder how to add subtitle to a foreign video and want to share with everyone else? I was having the exact problem a few month ago. I wanted really to share a video which needed subtitle. Actually, putting the subtitle can be quite easy but very time consuming.



Make sure that the video that you are going to sub is the one you are going to upload. The timing synchronization is a task that needs accurancy.



Download any application that will create the subtitle files. I would recommend the following programs:

Subtitle Workshop

This software is very easy to use. Load the video by clicking on movie tab -> Open. Then start implementing the subtitle by going to File -> New subtitle. Move the slide bar to the location where you want your first subtitle to appear and then click on the No. 1 subtitle box. Begin typing your text into the text box at the bottom. You have to set the Show and Hide section for the exact times that you want the subtitles to appear. Click on the set start time button or Alt+C for the starting time.

Click on the set final time button or Alt+V for the ending time.

Now you are done with the first subtitle. Press insert to input the next one. Repeat the above process. Once you have put all of your subtitles in,click on File -> Save as. Then select Subrip (.srt) and save the file. Finally, you have the srt file to be implemented to your video. You can also use this file for the youtube subtitle feature if you don't want to put as hardsub.


Step 3

Now, download the software to apply the the subtitle to the video.

Auto Gordian Knot

When you install Auto Gordian Knot,they will tell you to install additional application, just accept it. You need those additional application. Open up Auto Gordian Knot and go browse your video in the Input file section. Then, press ctrl+F8. A external subs section will be added. Select your .srt file. Everything will be set automatically. You just need to modify the step 3 to Target quality selection. Press Add job and start. Wait couple of minutes and you video with subtitle should be made.

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